• Home Sleep Testing HST VirtuOx
    Home Sleep Testing HST Device VirtuOx

    Unlimitedly Grow your PAP Business !

    Home Sleep Testing HST

    FDA Cleared

    Low Cost Sleep Lab Alternative

  • VPOD Ultra

    VirtuCLEAN 2.0

    Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in your CPAP/Bi-Level equipment
    Requires no soap, water, or chemical cleaning solutions
    Small and portable, weighs only ½ pound
    24 Months Warranty

  • VPOD Freedom VirtuOx

    VPOD Freedom

    FDA Cleared
    Uploads Automatically From Patients House
    Reduce Activity Based Costs

    VPOD Freedom Device VirtuOx
    VPOD Freedom Paralax VirtuOx
  • VPOD Ultra

    VPOD Ultra

    FDA Cleared
    Reduce Activity Based Costs
    Patented Good Study Indicator
    Never Repeat Another Test Again

    VPOD Ultra Apena Device VirtuOx
    VPOD Ultra Device VirtuOx